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Transatlantic Basketball :
the basketball scholarship expert in the USA !

Transatlantic Basketball :
the guarantee of a successful sport-study in the USA !


Why Choose Transatlantic Basketball ?

Choosing Transatlantic Basketball Means :
•    A personalized approach all the way through
•    A team up to par with your ambitions
•    A daily experience in the USA for the last 16 years
•    The success of your project at the right price !

The United states have more than 3,000 colleges and universities and even more high schools, majority of them have a basketball team. Every school has a different profile.
Just like everywhere, there is some good and some bad, so how do you make the right choice?
Without a precise knowledge of the American system, your dream can quickly turn into a nightmare.
This is why the team of TransAtlantic BaskeBall, and its solid experience in basketball in the USA will help you make the right choice.

Our Asset

An agency created for basketball players, by basketball players !
A team in France and in the USA to help you reach your goals smoothly !

A personalized experience : Our quality commitment

Transatlantic Basketball is commited to provide you a personalized experience before, during, and after finding you a school and negotiating a scholarship for you, as well as a follow up plan after your departure.

A vast coaches network

Transatlantic Basketball is in contact with a big network of coaches who we have relationships with to help you reach your goal.

An experience Agency

With more than 16 years in the USA playing and coaching basketball in different states and at different levels, enjoy  the expertise Maxime Lefèvre,  ex College player and currently coaching in the NBA.


Since its creation in 2011, nearly 180 basketball players have tried the American dream with Transatlantic Basketball!

A meeting to evaluate your project

A first exchange in all transparency and honesty with you and your parents will help you see quickly if your project is realistic and doable (athletically, academically, scholarship, budget…)
We will also explain the steps necessary to realize your project as well as the support we provide.

The analysis of your video : an essential part of your project

Your video will give us a better idea of your level and your style of play, so that we can get in touch with schools that fit your profile. 

Only game footage will be watched. Therefore, we will work with what you send to us as long as we judge the quality to be good enough. Your video is the only way to know if an an athletic scholarship is realistic and what level would be the best fit.

A practice video or a video taken on a playground won’t ever be watched by a coach in the U.S. We know though experience what coaches are looking for in a video. 


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Maxime Lefevre, founder of Transatlantic Basketball and coach of the Minnesota Wolves explains his work on a daily basis at Journal l'Equipe. (04 05 2024)
"I never forget that the NBA was a dream for me, I would never have imagined coaching there one day"

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