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Going to study in the United States is a long and complex procedure that can quickly become impossible if you are not helped in the process.

Our mission is to simplify this process and to allow players from all around the world to use their passion to live an unforgettable experience.

A meeting to evaluate your project

A first exchange in all transparency and honesty with you and your parents will help you see quickly if your project is realistic and doable (athletically, academically, scholarship, budget…)
We will also explain the steps necessary to realize your project as well as the support we provide.

The analysis of your video : an essential part of your project

Your video will give us a better idea of your level and your style of play, so that we can get in touch with schools that fit your profile. 

Only game footage will be watched. Therefore, we will work with what you send to us as long as we judge the quality to be good enough. Your video is the only way to know if an an athletic scholarship is realistic and what level would be the best fit.

A practice video or a video taken on a playground won’t ever be watched by a coach in the U.S. We know though experience what coaches are looking for in a video. 


Personalized support and follow-up: the quality commitment !

As soon as we are in contact with coaches, we will be in permanent contact with you as well, informing you of any changes.
We provide you with a personalized service before, during, and after we find you a school. We will also give you a booklet explaining the entire process.

On your side, a project thought out between 8 and 12 months before your departure is a project that will succeed without stress.

The contract : a mutual engagement

The contract will be signed by you and your parents. It . It will detail our mutual engagement in the realization of your project. Our adventure together starts : creation of your player profile, sending your video to the coaches.
Once the contract is signed, we create a player profile and we sen dit to coaches with your video.

The offers and the choice of your school : an important step, sometimes difficult

Depending on the feedback from american coaches, we will explain the different offers that fit your level and budget, as well as the scholarship that we negotatied for you. 
We will then exchange with you and your parents on the choice of the school

The admission process : a long and fastidious step

You will need to fill out several forms and files in english, often full of questions you may not understand. Americans have very low knowledge of the European system, and their forms, even the ones for international students, are based on the American standard. 
Some schools will ask you to write an essay, and will ask for letters of recommendations from your teachers. 
Your academic transcripts and diploma will need to be translated by recognized agencies. Again, no worries, we can do it for you or put you in touch with our partners. 
For universities, you will need to go through a NACES recognized agency to validate your credits. 
Your parents will also need to provide proof of their financial situation.

The visa : the ultimate step to get to the usa

Once your adminsitrative registration is done, your school will send you your I20 form that will allow to request your F1 or B2 visa depending on the type of school you will attend. 
That process can be complicated as well, but we will support you through this step as well. 

Your departure : the american dream is almost real

Before your departure, we will give you some advice on the daily life in the USA (insurance, phone, pocket money, banks…)

Your support in the usa : our quality engagement

After your departure, we will stay in touch with you, your parents, your coach, and your school to make sure your adaptation is going well.
Your first few fees in the USA can be difficult, but we will be there to support you.

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