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The american dream comes true !

Living in the United States is a dream that many envision; however, only a few see their dreams become reality. TransAtlantic Basketball can be the open door for your dreams, and an experience you will never forget.

Sport-studies basketball USA : a rich and unforgettable experience

Outside of basketball and sports in general, living in the United States is a great and unforgettable experience.
Not only will you learn another language, but also a different culture. You will interact with people from various social, ethnic, and cultural communities.
You will develop your capability of adaptation and autonomy, which will be important in your professional future.

The United States : Country of Basketball

Turn on the television: sports channels do not speak about soccer or rugby, but about basketball all day long. You won't need to get up in the middle of the night to watch a NBA game, every night, you will have your dose of NBA, college, or high school basketball. Basketball will be everywhere you go.
Moreover, the status of athletes is recognized in the United States. Athletes enjoy, starting in high school, a notoriety that would make athletes from anywhere desirous.

The american school system

Schools and championships to match your school and sports project !

High School +

If you are between 9th and 11th grade and would like to go to the U.S next year, you will have to go to high school in the U.S, which is the equivalent of secondary school in Europe. The basketball level in high school go from regional level to some level that has no equivalent in Europe. Only the best high schools offer scholarships at that level. It is important to know that only private schools are open to foreign students. Without a scholarship, the approximate cost for a year goes 20 – 30 000 $ with everything included (education tuition, food, housing, basketball training, travel...).
Some high schools ask for the TOEFL and others do not. Your academic transcripts will be evaluated and will be just as important as your basketball skills.

Prep School +

Prep schools are institutions that target players who already graduated high school. These schools give players that already have their secondary school diploma but do not have offers from universities to get some exposure. That is why, prep schools play a lot of games (30 to 40) et the only classes that are provided are english classes and SAT/Prep classes.

The approximate cost for a year goes from 15 000 $ to 35 000 $ with everything included (education tuition, food, housing, basketball training, travel...). Their advantage is that they accept you without the TOEFL and SAT tests et give you the opportunity to play in front of a lot of college coaches, as well as being in the U.S to try out with colleges.


The NCAA is the ultimate goal for every player that want to play basketball in the U.S. The NCAA is compsed of 3 levels (D1,D2, D3) et only the first two divisions offer athletic scholarships. Players get 4 years of athletic eligibility and get the opportunity to receive a bachelor or master degree. The areas of studies vary from one university to the other.
The basketball level in NCAA D1 is extremly good and the D2 level is close to some of the best U20 leagues in europe. NCAA coaches are the hardest to convince because they take a 4 year risk on a player they do not know much about.

In order to play direclty at the NCAA level, you will need to take the TOEFL and SAT, as well as being registered with the NCAA eligibility center which will evaluate all of your academic transcripts since high school The scholarships offer at the D1 level are full scholarships, and at the D2 level it depends on the schools.



NAIA is a league equivalent to the NCAA but of an inferior basketball level. There are 2 divisions, and the first one is equivalent to an average NCAA D2 level.
The SAT and TOEFL are necessary to play at the NAIA level, as well as being registered with the NAIA eligibility center. The scholarships offered are full scholarships for the best teams but most NAIA schools offer partial scholarships.

NJCAA - Juco +

Junior Colleges are institutions that offer degrees equivalent to 2 year post secondary degrees in Europe (varies according to countries). After 2 years in Juco, it is possible to transfer to a NCAA or NAIA school (see below) to pursue your studies and recevie a bachelor or master degree. The classes and credits received in

Juco will be transfered to the NCAA or NAIA school so you are not starting other but your simply pursuing your academic career along with your athletic career.

As far as basketball goes, the best jucos are very good and are equivalent to the best U20 competition in Europe. Complete scholarships that will cover all of your expenses will be offered to the best players.

Most Junior Colleges ask for the TOEFL, as well a post secondary school diploma. It is a very good option for players who want to be seen by NCAA coaches but do not have the grades necessary to play NCAA basketball right away.

Exceptional athletic and educational opportunities

Sport-studies basketball USA : exceptional infrastructures

You will be impressed by athletic and academic infrastructures. Basketball gyms are of very high quality. They all have wooden floor painted to the colors of the home team, bleachers that can seat several thousands of people, weight rooms, fitness rooms, and training rooms with trainers at your disposition. Several pairs of shoes and practice jerseys will be given to you.
The academic infrastructures are as well very impressive, and you will find all the technology needed. Every classroom is equipped with computers, flat screens, or smart boards.
Cafeteria, library, labs, game rooms, fitness rooms give you incomparable conditions to succeed in your studies and make your life on campus the most enjoyable possible.


Sport-studies basketball USA : qualified coaches and intense practices

You will be trained by qualified coaches; coaching is their main activity, their career. 
With daily practices, or even several times a day, of an exceptional intensity, you will get better very fast.
Outside of basketball, american coaches believe physical development is very important, so be ready to spend hours in the weight room.


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