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Maxime Lefevre

Maxime Lefevre, the founder of Transatlantic Basketball has been around basketball in the USA fort the last 16 years, and bas been part of the coaching staff of the Minnesota Timberwoles in the NBA since 2019.

With his experience, his knowledge of college basketall and the NBA all over the USA, his numerous connections with coaches and colleges, Maxime knows the American basketball system from an administrative and athletic standpoint very well, and will help you find a situation that fits your ambitions.

Sylvie Labriet

Sylvie Labriet, in charge of organization based in France, will be your primary contact to respond to any questions you and your parent may have.
Sylvie will be with you all along the administrative, academic, and athletic registrations, the Visa process, and will be by your side throughout your time in the USA.

Her experience as a mom who has helped her son in making his American dream come true will be useful to you and your parents. She will know how to answer all the questions you and your parents will have before, during and after your departure.

Personalized support and follow-up: the quality commitment !

As soon as we are in contact with coaches, we will be in permanent contact with you as well, informing you of any changes.
We provide you with a personalized service before, during, and after we find you a school. We will also give you a booklet explaining the entire process.

On your side, a project thought out between 8 and 12 months before your departure is a project that will succeed without stress.

Transatlantic Basketball accompanies you in all the staps

A rigorous administrative preparation
Most American schools, including universities require entry tests such as the TOEFL (English Test) and the SAT (Multiple Subjects).


Once your destination is finalized, you will then get ready for your departure. The registration to the school and the obtention of your visa are two fastidious steps that are long and complex and can become complicated very quickly for someone who does not have any experience with immigration procedures.

No need to worry. Even though we won’t be able to do these things for you, we will be by your side to facilitate all of the steps and reassure you and your family. You will also reaceive a booklet, and multiple themed files to help you through the process.

A guaranteed follow up after departure
After your departure, we will stay in touch regularly with you, your parents, your coach, and your school to make sure your adaptation is going well.
Your first few weeks in the U.S can sometimes be difficult because of the culture change. Our support will be helpful. 

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